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Exercises To Lose Weight

9 Of The Best Exercises To Help You Lose Weight – Give Them A Try This Week!

We keep fit by exercising, eating the right diet and adopting healthy ways of living.

But if you have been eating right and living healthily and still not losing weight you might be tempted to ask “What are some of the best exercises to help me lose weight?”

Below is a list of some exercises that you can perform to keep your fitness dreams alive.

Step Aerobics

Step AerobicsThis exercise targets your legs, bum and hips which are often the areas that most of us want to tone.

Doing an hour of step aerobics a day, split into two separate sessions will ensure that you see remarkable results within 2 weeks.

Another type of exercise that is closely similar to this is bench presses. Make sure to perform these exercises right or you might not see the results.

The Elliptical Burner Workout

Elliptical Burner WorkoutThis is a perfect cardio workout. It helps build strong muscles and is pretty effective in toning the

stomach as well.

The elliptical burner workout is really great, especially when there is a TV attached to the machine so that you can catch up with the latest TV programs or listen to your favorite music on your iPhone.

Normally, when you’re entertained, you might get so caught in the moment until you workout longer than usual.

Single-Leg Deadlift

Single-Leg DeadliftThis is a lovely workout because it lifts and tones the glutes and activates your entire core (this way it prevents back pain).

To perform it, you only need to grab a pair of dumbbells and stand on your left foot forward (and your right foot behind you).

Gently bend your knee so that you can lower your right leg so it is parallel to the floor.

Now, bend forward at your hips and lower your body slowly moving as far as you can. Pause for a few seconds before pushing your body back to the initial position. Keep your chest and core engaged during the entire movement.

Side Plank

Side PlankThis is a powerful exercise especially when it comes to tightening and shrinking the waistline.

It works quite effectively in building of deep abdominal muscles that most other workouts don’t reach.

To perform a side plank move, you need to lie on your left side with knees straight out. At that position you need to prop your upper body up on your left forearm and elbow.

While maintaining this position, raise your hips until your body forms a straight line from your legs to your shoulders.

Pause in this position for 30 seconds before turning around so that you are lying on your right arm and then repeat.

Brisk Walking

Brisk WalkingThe easiest exercise on earth, walking, is a cardio workout. Walking not only helps in keeping your heart pumping, but also helps tone your hips, legs and stomach.

Walking, sprinting or walking uphill will add to the total amount of calories burnt as well.

A simple walking schedule such as walking to the train station can make you fitter and actually help you burn some 360 calories per hour.


PushupsPush-up is a classic exercise that is best known for its effectiveness in working the entire body, helping you burn a significant amount of calories.

You can bank on this workout to tighten the chest muscles and keep things perky in your bikini.

The best way to do push-ups is by getting down on all four limbs and place your hands on the floor so they are shoulder-width apart.

Your feet should be close together. While maintaining that position, lower your body gently until your chest almost touches the floor.

Now push yourself back to the initial position. Don’t forget to keep your hips lifted and core braced throughout this workout.


Step-upsThis workout targets your butts and your glutes and hamstrings muscles. Step ups are a perfect way to create a stronger, leaner and slightly lifted rear.

Step-ups also focus pressure on your quadriceps since they require you to keep your knees straight against pressure.

This is a simple exercise to perform. One needs to stand in front of a bench and place their left foot firmly on the step.

The left arm should be used to push up whole body until the right leg is straight up. From this position, one can lower back down until the right leg is in contact with the floor.

This routine can be repeated 5 to 10 times before shifting to the right leg (or vice versa).

Tip: Keep your core and chest engaged all the time. Also, keep your weight evenly balanced, don’t lean too forward or too far back.

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder StandThe main benefit of this exercise over the others is that it puts you in an inverted posture. There are so many benefits of inversion postures.

First, you get to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Besides that, there are a ton of benefits as far as your mental wellness and physical balance are concerned.

Here is how to perform it: Lie down on your back lifting your legs and hips slightly off the floor. You want to bring your legs up over your head until your toes touch the floor next to the back of your head.

While maintaining this position, place your hands behind your back for extra support as you extend your legs straight up towards the ceiling.

You want to achieve a straight line from shoulders to ankles while keeping your neck relaxed. Hold this posture for one minute and then slowly uncoil.


KickboxingForget about all the boring and tiring workouts they tell you to perform in order to lose weight, kickboxing is an interesting way to keep fit.

It makes you feel like a tiger when you’re done.

It is lots of fun to do especially if you bring a friend along. You will be fully exhausted in 60 minutes and guess what? You will have burnt a cool 600 calories!



So, what are the best exercises to help me lose weight? The writing is on the wall, you don’t need to ask this question any more.

Try the exercises to lose weight listed above and we are sure that you’ll be on your way to a leaner and sexy you in no time.


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