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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: How Did She Lose So Much Weight? PLUS How You Can Too!

If you’ve been following media headlines lately, chances are that you’ve heard about Rebel Wilson weight loss story. The Australian actress has always grappled with weight problems and at some point,

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Did Rachel Frederickson Went Too Far On The Biggest Loser By Losing More Than 60% Of Her Body Weight?

With our awareness about obesity and the health issues surrounding it, staying fit and remaining in a healthy weight range is on top of everyone’s mind. Naturally, when we hear about dramatic weight

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Lessons From Five Celebrities Who Have Slimmed Down

Some celebrities, especially actors, are forced to quickly gain or lose weight to meet the requirements of their profession. Others do it to get fitter, look better and become healthier. The news about

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How Do Celebrities Get In Shape So Fast? Here Are There Secrets

They are always looking svelte on red carpets during the various events they grace. Celebrities tend to loose weight very fast. It is common to see a celebrity gain weight when she is expecting a baby

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