Are 5 pound dumbbells good?

You can get strong, toned arms using 5-pound dumbbell weights on a regular basis. In fact, although you’ll build muscle in your arms lifting weights, arms will look slimmer because you’ll burn unwanted body fat in the process.

Will 5 pound dumbbells do anything?

Light weights can help tighten up your arms. Tightening your flabby arms can be accomplished with 5-pound weights and arm exercises. Light resistance training can give you a noticeable improvement in just a few weeks.

Is 5 lb dumbbell heavy?

If you only have 5lb dumbbells, then you probably aren’t going to see a lot of overall growth. It’s just not heavy enough to do real work with any of the larger muscle groups (chest, legs, back).

Can you build muscle with 5 pounds?

So yes, you can build muscle using lighter loads and higher repetitions (taken to failure) but 5 lbs is a stretch for most muscle groups, it’s just too light.

Can you get ripped with 5 pound dumbbells?

If all you have are 5-pound dumbbells, you can still get ripped arms. You can use dumbbells to tone every muscle in your arm with a balanced routine to target the shoulders, upper arms and forearms. As an added bonus, you can use dumbbells anywhere, anytime so you no longer have an excuse not to work out.

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Is 5 lbs dumbbells good for beginners?

Men | Beginners

A dumbbell set that ranges from 5-50lbs (2.5-22kg) would be best. This will be enough to effectively target each muscle group for hypertrophy, while also giving you room to move up in weight for the different exercises over time.

What can I use for 5 pound weights?


  • 1 – GET A MILK JUG AND USE IT. Fill a perfect, plastic gallon container with water, sand, shakes, or cement. …
  • 6 – BOOKS. …
  • 7 – ANKLE WEIGHTS. …
  • 9 – CUTLERY.

Is 5kg dumbbells good for beginners?

For women, I recommend weights of 0.5 to 5kg. … The 5kg weights are suitable for women who do have experience with strength training or already exercise occasionally. For men the following applies: 5kg for beginner athletes without exercise experience and 10kg for experienced male athletes.

Should I start with 3 or 5 pound weights?

If you’ve never used dumbbells before, it’s best to start with lower weights — for some people, that might mean 3 or 5 pounds, while for others that might mean 10 or 12 — so you can adjust to the shape of your dumbbells, become accustomed to holding them in your hands during exercise and learn proper form and technique …

How quickly can you gain 5 pounds of muscle?

A more realistic pace is around 5 pounds of solid mass every six months. Many will need to take breaks from their bulk and cycle through cutting phases as needed. Plus as your muscles grow in size, the rate at which you can gain steadily decreases.

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How many reps should I do with 5 pound weights?

Start with lower weight (like 3- or 5-pound dumbbells) and focus on doing more reps at less weight. For example, instead of grabbing a 10-pound dumbbell for bicep curls and doing 10 repetitions, grab the 5-pound dumbbells and do 15 reps.