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Celebrity Weight Loss

Lessons From Five Celebrities Who Have Slimmed Down

Some celebrities, especially actors, are forced to quickly gain or lose weight to meet the requirements of their profession.

Others do it to get fitter, look better and become healthier.

The news about celebrities slimming down invokes a special interest in people. This could be due to the fact that unlike those hard to verify before-after pictures we see in ads, websites or on TV, weight loss achievements of celebrities are quite believable as they are always in the public eye.

This makes the stories of these people very interesting because most of them are the busiest people on the planet and if they can do it, we can do it too.

Let us take a look at five phenomenal celebrity weight loss achievements and see if we can learn something from them.

1: Jennifer Hudson – Lost 80 Pounds In 8 Months:

Jennifer Hudson Before And After

Images Source: http://www.bosschicks.com/fitness-tips-jennifer-hudson-on-how-to-get-your-j-hud-on

After the birth of her son in August 2009, Hudson got serious about returning to a healthy weight. She had to slim down to fit the character she was playing in her next movie Winnie.

By April 2010, Hudson had lost 80 pounds and she kept it off. The other motivation was to be an active mother and set a good example for her son.

When it comes to food, Hudson admits that she had the same weaknesses that most of us have. She enjoyed eating and indulging in good food and she knew a diet that forbids her from eating her favorite foods was simply not going to work.

It’s the same for most of us. Giving up what we love is a big struggle against ourselves. We are bound to lose the battle sooner or later and then make up for those days when we ‘deprived’ ourselves.

Hudson got help from a weight loss program that did not prevent her from eating what she wanted. All she had to do was control the portions of food that she ate and keep an eye on how much she was eating daily.

She combined this with regular workouts while remaining in her comfort zone all the time.

Not only did she succeed in losing weight, she also kept it off.

Her advice to people who want to lose weight is to be smart about how much you eat and take baby steps when it comes to exercise.

Do the activities that are in your comfort zone and keep the healthy lifestyle going to avoid regaining weight.

2: Christian Bale – Lost 63 pounds:

Christian Bale Before And After Weight Loss

Image Source: http://www.digitalspy.com/movies/i429688-8/actors-losing-weight-for-roles-christian-bale.html

Ever since Christian Bale lost 63 pounds to fit into his role in The Machinist, people have been asking him for advice to emulate his feat.

However, Bale is not too comfortable about other people emulating his method as he feels that it may not be safe for everyone without medical advice.

Bale took the most difficult route to weight loss.

He ate very little, took supplements to avoid deficiency and followed a rigorous workout program. In theory, it is very simple. You drastically cut down your calorie intake and increase your calorie requirements by working out.

The more calorie deficit you create, the more you lose weight.

Although Bale went through the regimen without any medical monitoring and was successful, it may not be safe for everyone.

In any case, everyone’s body may not respond in the same way. Your body may just go into starvation mode and you may not experience similar results. The other problem is that it is easier said than done.

It requires tremendous self discipline and the ability to put up with discomfort.

The important take away is that following a weight loss plan involving strict diet and rigorous exercise is difficult, may not always produce the required results and can sometimes be dangerous without medical supervision.

3: Drew Carey – Lost 80 Pounds:

Drew Carey Before And After Weight Loss

Image Source: http://digitalhealthtechnology.com/diabetes/beat-diabetes-drew-carey-style/

For Drew Carey, his excess weight was becoming a health problem and he had to get it off quickly. He got rid of 80 pounds and also the medicines that he was taking for his type 2 diabetes. He is not diabetic anymore.

Although Carey’s method of weight loss was slightly less difficult than Bale’s, it is not an easy weight loss method either. He kept carbs out of his diet altogether, which meant no grains or grain products like bread and anything else that contains starch.

He was mostly on a protein rich diet, for example, egg whites, chicken, yogurt, etc.

The only sugars that he got came from fruits. He used to eat boiled vegetables as well. He drank only plain water and strictly avoided all other beverages including tea, coffee and soda. Along with a strict diet, he did about 45 minutes of cardio exercises.

According to him, weight loss is more difficult to begin with, but once you start getting results, you will be motivated to continue.

Although Carey’s method again requires a lot of discipline, the important thing to note is that losing weight has immediate benefits to your health and once you make a start and feel the difference, it becomes easier to stay the course.

4: John Goodman – Lost more than 100 Pounds:

John Goodman Before And After Weight Loss

Image Source: http://celebrityweightloss24.com/john-goodman-weight-loss-1/

Ever since he quit drinking, stopped indulging in food and started working out, Goodman is a changed person.

His lifestyle has changed for the better and he now exercises regularly. Like Hudson, John’s weakness was food and he admits that even as a kid, food was one of his passions.

This, he says, is part of the addictive personality that made him an alcoholic.

It was not easy for Goodman as he had arthritis, which restricted the type of exercises that he could do. Yet, he did two sessions of 40 minutes each of cardio every day and had two sessions of boxing every week.

According to him, the movements required in boxing helped and it also got his heart rate to the right level to allow him to lose weight.

The key, he says, is in finding the right range of pulse rate that helps you burn the most fat and keeping it in that range as long as you can when you exercise.

Goodman continues with his healthy lifestyle both with diet and exercise.

There are three important things to learn from John.

The first is that alcohol and food addiction does not help your weight or weight loss goals at all.

The second lesson is that you can still find ways of exercising and keeping fit even if you have a problem like arthritis.

Finally, a healthy lifestyle is important to maintain a healthy weight.

5: Kelly Osbourne – Lost 50 Pounds:

Kelly Osbourne Before And After Weight Loss

Image Source: http://starcrush.com/weight-loss-pictures/

From her highest weight of 160 in 2007, Osbourne lost 50 pounds in three years. Her achievement is a good example of healthy weight loss. It was achieved gradually without crash diets.

She just got rid of her emotional eating habit and did half an hour of cardio a day and some additional things like yoga, walking, etc.

She also changed her food preferences, which made a lot of difference. She switched from snacking on sugar rich foods like cookies to healthy alternatives and gave up junk food.

According to her, it was not a quick fix, but learning how to eat right made a lot of difference.

How You Can Lose Weight And Get In Shape

We just saw five celebrities who succeeded in losing weight, although each one had his or her own method. However, they all had one thing in common.

Their secret was determination, self discipline, healthier food alternatives and lifestyle improvements.

They all agree that losing weight has brought tremendous benefits.

You can also reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Losing weight requires you to switch to a healthy lifestyle, moderate your food intake and do moderate amounts of exercise.

An easy and excellent way of achieving this is to take the help of Garcinia Cambogia supplements.

Not only does it prevent fat formation, it suppresses your appetite, makes you feel better and diminishes your craving for carbs. All that is required is a little care on your part and help from Garcinia Cambogia.


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