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6 Thing You Should Do To Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

Excessive body fat is a major health problem that many people face in today’s world. Companies have come up with pharmaceutical products to reduce excessive body fat but there are serious side effects associated with these products.

This does not mean that losing weight is impossible.

Rather, it means that you have to be a bit creative when it comes to losing weight. For example, you need to adopt a multi-faceted strategy that takes into account your diet, physical condition and your daily schedule.

Here are some of the most effective weight-loss methods ever devised. In other words, here are the answers to the question, how to lower my body fat percentage.

How To Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

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1 – Consume Lots Of Fiber And Protein

According to Byron J. Richards, a renowned clinical nutritionist, eating food high in fiber slows down your digestion system. Your stomach will feel full because of the slowdown in digestion and as such, you will not eat any excess food.

Eating less food means that your body fat percentage will reduce because your body is no longer converting as much food into body fat as it used to.

Protein is also a suitable alternative to fatty foods because it is a body building food. It will help you to grow lean muscle as opposed to increasing the stock of fat deposits in your body.

2 – Eat Regularly

Eating three meals in a day can actually cause you to gain weight because your body craves for continued nourishment in-between these meals. This means that you will eventually eat up more food than necessary.

You should avoid this kind of scenario by eating food more often during the day. For example, you can eat five or seven small meals in a day as opposed to three huge meals.

This will keep you from snacking on food constantly as you wait for the next major meal. You should also eat more during the day than at night because your body will completely use up the food you eat in the morning.

3 – Consume Healthy Fats

Our bodies cannot do without fat because they are essential to the functions of our organs e.g. they absorb the shock when we suddenly fall. However, you should stay away from high cholesterol fats such as saturated cooking fat.

Your body would benefit from an intake of Omega 3 fatty acids that normally come from fish and certain types of nuts. You should also think about consuming vegetables and fruits because they contain complex carbohydrates that will nourish your body and keep you from consuming unhealthy fats such as potato chips and fried foods.

4 – Physical Exercises

Many people cringe at the mere mention of physical exercises because these exercises can cause a great amount of physical strain. This strain is necessary if you want to lower your percentage of body fat. Dr. Joseph Mercola, a notable nutritionist, states that you cannot burn body fat without performing some kind of physical workout.

You should develop a workout program that does not interfere with your daily schedule. You can start with some simple exercises before embarking on exercises that are more rigorous such as five-mile runs in the morning or evening.

5 – Get Some Rest

Your body is not a machine. It requires rest on a daily basis. Working without rest causes you to gain weight because your body does not get enough time to recuperate and change its physical makeup. More specifically, your body stores more and more body fat to keep up with your unending activities.

It will not repair or to build new muscles because you do not give it enough time to do so. Rest for at least eight hours a day to give your body enough time to recuperate and regenerate certain body cells used up during the day.

6 – Other Suitable Measures

Drink water more often because water keeps you hydrated and it increases your metabolic rate. This means that your body will burn fat easily and quickly.

A higher metabolic rate also means that you have more energy to perform rigorous workouts. You should take in eight glasses a day. You should also avoid crash diets because your body stores more fat when you are on such a diet. This happens because your body interprets crash diets as periods of starvation instead of interpreting them as attempts at reducing body fat.

Therefore, your body will build up its fat reserves just as it would have done if you were starving.

Finally, you should eat foods that burn body fat such as spicy food, cherries and almonds. These foods are healthy and they will reduce your percentage of body fate. Use these tips to your advantage now that you know how to lower your body fat percentage.



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