Quick Answer: What’s another word for physically fit?

How do you say physically healthy?


  1. healthy. adjective. physically strong and not ill.
  2. well. adjective. if you are well, or if you are feeling well, your health is good.
  3. fit. adjective. healthy, strong, and able to do physical exercise without getting very tired.
  4. fine. adjective. …
  5. able-bodied. adjective. …
  6. strong. adjective. …
  7. robust. adjective. …
  8. vigorous. adjective.

What do you call a fit person?

Someone who is very into health and fitness is often called a fitness freak.

What is the meaning of physically fit?

Physical fitness is to the human body what fine tuning is to an engine. It enables us to perform up to our potential. Fitness can be described as a condition that helps us look, feel and do our best. ● Physical fitness involves the performance of the heart and lungs, and the muscles of the body.

How do you describe a physically strong person?

Someone who is physically strong and has large muscles is muscular or muscled.

Is physical fitness the same as fitness?

Physical activity refers to any movement produced by skeletal muscle which uses energy whereas physical fitness is measurable state such as strength or endurance. … Physical fitness is broken into the five categories of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

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What are the types of physical fitness?

The 5 components that make up total fitness are:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance.
  • Muscular Strength.
  • Muscular endurance.
  • Flexibility.
  • Body Composition.