When can I cross train?

When can you cross train?

As a FTA, Airmen have an eight-month window to apply to retrain into a new career field. For a four-year enlistee, the window is between the 35th and 43rd month of enlistment. For a six-year enlistee, the window is between the 59th and 67th month of enlistment.

When can first-term airman cross train?

First-term airmen can only apply for retraining during a specific window. For four-year enlistees stationed stateside, that falls during the 35th and 43rd month of their current enlistment, according to a video posted by AFPC, and six-year stateside enlistees can apply between their 59th and 67th month.

What are the requirements to cross train in the Air Force?

A first-term airman (four-year enlistment contract) assigned to a CONUS (continental United States) base is eligible to volunteer to retrain after they have completed 35 months (and no more than 43 months) of military service.

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How many times can you Crosstrain in the Air Force?

To my knowledge, there is no limit other that minimum time limits for being in a career field before cross training. I’ve known a number of people that have cross trained three or four times in their career.

Do you have to enlist to cross train?

These kind of AFSCs require a six year enlistment. Six-year enlistment contracts in a critical career field will typically not allow you to apply for cross-training. This will be stated, as such, in your contract.

Can you cross train into Special Forces?

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. The changes allow Airmen to be released from their current jobs in the Air Force to cross-train into the special tactics career fields, should they be selected following an assessment of physical, mental and psychological attributes. …

Can Air Force officers cross train?

Most officers, at one time or another throughout their career, have served in a position or job outside of their original or primary Air Force Specialty Code. … “When my 19XX career field went away, I was able to select from critically manned career fields at the time to cross-train into,” Wallace said.

Can you Crosstrain in the Air Force Reserves?

Then the Air Force Reserve is for you. Becoming a Traditional Reservist or an Individual Mobilization Augmentee offers Airmen the opportunity to pursue a civilian career and still serve their country. … TRs also deploy with their units and have opportunities to cross train into a new career field.

What is a first term airman?

The First Term Airmen Center is designed to aid all first-duty-stationed airmen with their transition from a training environment into a mission oriented environment using the airmen’s skills, knowledge and training gained from technical school. … For upcoming classes or to register, call the First Term Airman Center.

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When can you change your job in the Air Force?

Yes, within limits. Your first duty is to the needs of the Air Force. If there is a greater need in another job then you can move. Remember there are costs involved with any move so budget may be an issue.

Do you get to choose job in Air Force?

The Air Force calls its enlisted jobs Air Force specialty codes (AFSC) The Air Force has two enlistment options: Guaranteed Job, and Guaranteed Aptitude Area. … Under the guaranteed aptitude program, the applicant is guaranteed that he will be selected for a job that falls into one of the designated aptitude areas.

Can you change your MOS in the Air Force?

You can request a specialty reassignment when you re-enlist, during which you agree to serve for another few years in your new position. This is likely the best time to make a move to a new position.

What is the Air Force stressed list?

The Air Force stressed list is a list of jobs within the Air Force that need additional personnel. Therefore, that particular job is stressed or understaffed. For the stressed list, stress is a measure of how many airmen are available to work in that job, taking into account those that are deployed.

Can you change your AFSC before basic?

Yes, and in some cases you have to. If your unit changes equipment, the aircrews and mechanics have to train on the new equipment and get reclassified or transfer out. If you move to another location and the unit near your new home has no positions for your AFSC, you have to retrain into something they can use.

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What is a CJR in the Air Force?

The Career Job Reservation program is a Headquarters Air Force tool used when needed to manage the number of First Term Airmen and Guardians allowed to reenlist into their current Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) or Space Force Specialty Code (SFSC) CJR limitations are established to manage projected surpluses and …